Current version:
Muppy008 final version (dec, 20, 2007)
"Muppy" is the code name for Minisys-Linux.

"I nearly fell off my chair. I've had this laptop for a year and never managed to get the openGL test to work at more than 14 fps despite monkeying around for hours with 3DCC. I just assumed thats all my i830m was capable of. Muppy 8 clocks it at 30fps. I might even give bzflag a go on it."
"Yet another excellent offering from MU."

Minisys-Linux includes 2 years of experience in development of system addons and utilities for the australian Puppylinux by Barry Kauler.



Minisys-Linux is based on one of the fastest Linux systems "Puppylinux".
It is optimized specifically for the German market, and the base system is significantly expanded.

Muppy already offers, especially for German-speaking users, many advantages over the original Puppy Linux system:

- The main applications are in German.
- integrated package manager "gslapt" to install additional programs from Slackware Linux 12
- Better integration of some systems programs, such as the package installer "PSI".
- Visualization: more screen backgrounds and themes to choose from.
- Optional commercial support on request.


In German (in the german iso, in the "EN" iso of course everything is english):
- Open Office 2.3.0 (comprehensive Office Suite, good compatibility with Microsoft Office documents)
- Wine 0.9.48 (lets you run many Windows programs)
- Abiword 2.4.5 (small fast word processor)
- Gnumeric 1.6.3 (small fast spreadsheet)
- XFileExplorer 1.00 (File Manager with tree view, and 2 file windows, supports Packer)
- Rox-Filemanager (Puppy's integrated desktop solution)
- Icewm (with Rox form the Desktop)
- Firefox (Internet browser with update function)
- Flash versions 7 and 9 (enables display of multimedia content in Firefox)
- Gimp 2.4 rc3 (extensive image processing)
- Minisys (Business-Server, uses the "MUMPS" (ISO-M) programming language, and is used by banks and hospitals)
- Gqview (fast image viewer)
- Gslapt (Slackware package manager, adapted)
- Stream-Tuner (online-Radio)
- Java runtime environment JRE 1.6.0
- Linneighbourhood to mount network shares

In English:
- Mplayer 1 rc (Video Player with additional codecs, plays nearly every video format)
- Tuxracer (Racing, also suitable for children)
- Descent 2 (playing with spaceships)
- GtkBasic 003 - mousedriven development using the grafical designer Glade.
- Grafburn, pburn and other CD burning utilities.
- Pneighbourhood to mount network shares

- Open source graphics card driver and 3D acceleration preinstalled.
- SDL-Games libraries (needed for advanced games)
- Unrpm / undeb (Aids to import packages from other distributions)
- Expose 2.4 (shows a graphical overview of all open windows)
- Nvidia graficscard drivers

... and many other programs!

Download (400 MB) from the SourceForge project page:
Click here to download

Quick instructions:
english-speaking users:
Download the EN iso, and burn it as bootable CD.
Use for example BurnCDCC for Windows, get that here for free:

Then reboot your computer with the new CD.
When you shutdown Muppy then, it offers to create a file msy_save.2fs.
It has an inbuilt filesystem, and stores personal settings and documents.
It can be created on an existing Windowsdrive without disturbing Windows.
After a reboot it will be used automatically.

To install Muppy on your harddrive (also beside Windows), start the universal installer from the startmenu.

To optionally compile own programs, store the file devx_080.sfs in the same folder, that already has msy_save.2fs.
It will be used automatically then on next reboot.
It comes with GCC, make, Perl, many headers and includes.
It is devx_301.sfs from Puppy 301, and was just renamed.

The buildsystem finally is for insiders only.
It enables you, to create your own Muppy.

Please post questions concerning Muppy in the Forum:

Page translated from german to english with help of ricstef.

Mark Ulrich, c/o
BSB Software-Buero
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