/$*28-Sep-2005 21:40:53*$/
There is a Debian packet xfonts-terminus-dos_4.12-2_all.deb in which are a lot of old dos fonts .

Also the 850 fonts . (You can see it with TKzip) . This make the RXVT console compateble with the linux console when given echo -e "\033(U" . And give you the (old) simple graphic symbols back .

I picked out of it the ter-uXXX_ibm850.pcf.gz XXX is for size(12,14,16,20) and font (b=bold , n=normal) .

There is also a font.alias look at it and copy the one's you need to the font.alias in /usr/X11R6/lib/font/misc/font.alias .

Then you have to add the files into font.dir .

X11 seems to know how to handle a *.pcf.gz there are a lot smaller then the *.pcf .

If done this all you have to restart X11 (go to console and say xwin) .

You can change those long alias names into some beter names.

But beaware of that the rigth side of file.alias and file.dir for a given alias are the same !

Start a rxvt and start a other one as rxvt -fn aliasnameofibm850-size .

If it says 'cann't load font' then there is a mismatch between file.alias and file.dir OR you have forgotten to adjust the filenumber at the beginning of file.dir .